Vuwani residents conflicted about voting

Others say they want to vote but are afraid of their leaders who have called for an elections’ boycott. SABC News

Residents of Vuwani and surrounding villages in Limpopo have mixed feelings about their participation in the upcoming May 8 elections.

Some residents who are against the Municipal Demarcation Board’s decision to incorporate their area into the new Collins Chabane Local Municipality have vowed not to vote.

Others say they want to vote, but are afraid of their leaders who have called for an elections boycott.

Over 25 schools were torched in 2016 during the municipal boundary violence. Ordinary residents had this to say about elections.

“I’m 21-years-old, I am ready to vote, I have registered to vote, I am from Vuwani, Tshino. I want to vote because I need services,” adds one of the community members.

“I’m not going to vote because we want to go back to Makhado, we don’t want Lim 345, we don’t have services, we don’t have water and our roads are not good.”

“As resident(s) of Tshitungulwane around Vuwani, we are not going to cast our votes because there is no service around Vuwani.”

“I am going to vote, but it pains me whenever I go home to my village of Kuruleni there is no road there is no water,” says another community member.

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